Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hey gang, just popping in between 3:00am baby feedings to let you know that I am still around, even if my computer is still sick (I'm writing this on the missus' laptop). This here blog will get up to full speed eventually, but 'til then let me hep ya to:

The Post-Punk Junk Film Festival is happening again here in Los Angeles courtesy of my home-slice Bret from Egg City Radio, and, tho it's already half-over, you can still catch (with film-makers in attendance!) "Athens GA: Inside Out" to relive your '80s college-radio days, and the amazing "Liquid Sky," in which junkie space aliens drop into the early-'80s New York underground club scene to get high on human bodies. Yup. If there was ever a "Movies for Maniacs" blog, this one would be on it. looks to be a crucial service - all manner of outsider/strange/experimental musics promoted via a music player, message boards, reviews, requests for for your music. It's new, and they're the first to admit the site could use work, so join the community and help 'em out. I already really like some of the freaky stuff I've heard on their "radio" music player.

There's a Space Age Pop message board so new that no-one's posted on it yet, courtesy of the legendary Basic Hip/Kiddie Records Weekly site(s). Talk about thrift-store records 'n' stuff!


The everyday Film said...

Love that horribly good movie! Watch it if you're a junky or if you just wanna learn some cool dance moves. This movie is one of a kind!

DJ Useo said...

You are certainly missed.
Glad you're doing well,tho'.
The Qradips show is back in production for the second 50 shows.
Count on me to continue playing your mixes.

Vickie Sue said...

Thanks for
very cool.

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