Thursday, July 30, 2009


Here's my most recent guest-dj appearance on "Radio Misterioso," that crucial exploration into the world of weird, hosted by writer Greg "Spacebrother" Bishop, of Flying Saucer Music and Music/Not Music fame. Actually, I just contributed a song to "Flying Saucer Music," a lovely little outsider ditty written by a priest in the '50s called "Those Funny Little Saucers in The Sky."

Featured: early electronica, true sounds of UUOs (Unidentified Underwater Objects), American Indians singing kid's show themes, robots, outsiders, lounge crooners, thrift-store atrocities, mashups, '70s glam for children, and most of a UFO-cult record.

For your listening or downloading pleasure:

Radio Misterioso, March 01, 2009 - WARNING, the audio starts playing when you click the link.

"Plan Nine From Outer Space" intro
talk break
"Psychedelic Circus" ad
Thelonious Moog "Misterioso"
Sun Ra "Message To The Earth Man"
DJ Lobsterdust "It's Fun To Smoke Dust"
Forrest J. Ackerman "Music For Robots" (music)

talk break

"Head" ad
Synthesizers Unlimited "Forgotten World"
Forrest J. Ackerman "Music For Robots" (narration)
Yma Sumac "Kuyaway (Inca Love Song)"
James Last "Mr Giant Man"
Shirley & Squirrely: "Hey Shirley"
[some Moog thing; Jean-Jacques Perrey, maybe?]
Unidentified undersea sounds
Black Lodge Singers "SpongeBob SquarePants"
Black Lodge Singers "Kid's Pow-Wow Songs Medley"
Phyllis & Art (The Hollywood Sweethearts) and their horrible singing child "Something's Happened To Daddy"
DJ NoNo "Stripper Jackson"
MadMixMustang "Sweet Sledgehammer"
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz "Social Dance"
Roger Roger "Gags A-Go-Go"

talk break, with Rodd Keith "That Martian Jubilee"

Troy Cory "Rinki Rura"
Uge "Mad Charles"
Pornophonic "Sad Robot"
The Scientific Peace Builders Foundation "The Celestial Visitor From Planet Wisdom," mixed with:
Oskar Sala "Five Improvisations On Magnetic Tape"
Annette Funicello "The Maid & The Martian"
Sir Anthony Lanza Cocozza "How Could I Forget You"
Rodd Keith "The Astronauts"
Space Alphabet "A - Astronomy and Astronomer"
Contessa Elaine Lanza "I Love You I Love You"

talk break

Arthur 'One Man Band' Nakane "Band On The Run"
The Jose Maria Band "Light My Fire"
Wing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"
In Touch "Nights On Broadway"
Wing "Yesterday"
In Touch "Love To Love You Baby"
Arthur 'One Man Band' Nakane "Secret Asian Man"

talk break

Lothar & The Hand People "Machines"

Thanks again, 'brother!


Le Sot said...

Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening...

Love & Adding Value.

Greg Bishop said...

Thanks loads for posting this one Just give me a date & we'll do another one soon!