Thursday, March 12, 2009


"Within Heaven's Earshot" is an exhibit of weird, kitschy, funny religious album covers opening tomorrow at Synchronicity Space gallery in Los Angeles. Most of the records are from the collection of Don Bolles.

You probably think of Bolles as the drummer for bands like The Germs and 45 Grave. But Bolles was probably the first (after Dr. Demento) to expose me to the kind of non-mainstream, abnormal sounds that we celebrate here at M4M, through his long-standing (though off-and-on) L.A. radio presence. Checking out the album covers is more then enough reason to get me in the door, but hearing that Bolles will be co-DJing with his partner in sound collage Professor Canteloupe is the icing on the cake. And there will be "a filmed greeting by ventriloquist Gail Wenos"!

Speaking of Christian
ventriloquists - From my own vinyl collection of thrift-store religious oddities, here's Little Marcy. She's mentioned in the LA Times story I linked to above.

Little Marcy: from The Jesus Story

Nothing like children singing about torture and pain, eh?


Anonymous said...

It's so funny that you posted this because I'm doing *Christian Covers Week* on my blog. Lots of entertaining/terrifying gems over there! I believe I even have the top image in your posts lined up to put up later on (that cover shows up sometimes, in random awful cover collections).

Mr Fab said...

Just checked out shewalkssoftly (which I try to visit regularly anyway) and that's a, er, HELL of a great collection. Proceed immediately, folks.

Yeah, about that worst-covers thing going around the web: so many those albums were on display that I wouldn't be surprised if it was started by the collectors involved in this exhibit.