Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Honda car company cut grooves into a California highway so that it produces the "William Tell" overture (aka the "Lone Ranger" theme) as you drive over it. Saw this video on the news last night and found it on Advertising Age's website:

Japan already did this last year, as this article reveals. There's something rather flatulant sounding about the music in the video. A similar concept, an "asphaltophone," was created in Denmark in 1995, and Korea has a road that plays "Mary had A Little Lamb."
The California road was supposed to be paved over yesterday so I guess I missed it. Cool idea, hope more music like this gets created. How about a big area out in the desert somewhere with lots of these grooved song-roads, all in tune with each other, where anyone can go and drive around on 'em all day?


HellboundAlleee said...

They talked about this on "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me." Unfortunately, cars that are not the specific Honda make an out-of tune-and-tempo William Tell. So, as Pete5r Segal said, it sounds like your kid's grade 8 orchestra.

CYNCIALifornia said...

They did pave the road over, but our community loved the road so much they've re-created it where the residents wouldn't complain about hearing it all night.

If you want directions, hit me up.

FreeMP3 said...

Knowing me, I'd end up going back and driving over that over and over again probably.

And nice reference to 8th grade orchestra, although I think it sounds a little better than that =P