Thursday, January 24, 2008


Heath Ledger? Who!? The real tragedy that rocked my Hollywood was the recent death of Vampira. TV's original horror host, Ed Wood starlet, inspiration for this groovy slab of 1958 rockabilly:


Bobby Bare, whose late '50 rock recordings weren't very commercially successful, but was a fixture on the country charts in the '60s and '70s. I'd say this is his best song, were it not for the fact that he also recorded that Klassic Kountry Kristian football goof "Dropkick Me Jesus (Through The Goalposts Of Life)," a 1976 Grammy nominee!


Anonymous said...

Mort Garson...Vampira..who's the third?

Mr Fab said...

Hmmm...that kid who was in "Ghost World"? That was a great movie.

Soma said...

A bigger story than Heath Ledger, I agree. Although we can assume her publicity agent is still at work, with her death reported as 'unexplained'. She was 85 years old. How many causes of death can there be at that age?

Mr Fab - the kid in Ghost World was/is Thora Birch. Nothing wrong with her, she's as sound as a bell. Movie is OK, but read the book (well, graphic novel) next: it's a masterpiece.

I shall now boot my own entirely unsolicited arse out your door. Sorry about the mess - I'll clear it up later.

Mr Fab said...

No, the boy they were always picking on, Brad Renfro, he dead.

Ill Folks said...

Nice catch on Bare/Vampira. (I kinda liked Bare's "All American Boy" but it was released under somebody else's name).
For the 2007 roll call of the dead (w/ samples) visit my blog.

Strange thing about Vampira is she and her uncle are both famous for about 30 seconds of enduring film footage. Uncle Nurmi became famous via newsreel footage flailing his arms and, half-dead, winning an Olympic race. Some 20 years later, Maila Nurmi is seen in "Plan 9" arms raised, half dead, rushing toward the camera.