Sunday, October 21, 2007


Bob Ostertag has been an avant-garde composer and improviser for over a quarter-century, but he has just released what might be my fave piece of his yet - w00t, a 50-minute recording using only sampled sounds and music from some 20-odd video games. Non-geeks, take note - even if you don't recognize any of it, it's still an amazing bit of utterly mental madcap 'tard-tronica. Impatient? Then fast-forward to around 26 minutes in for a real fun glitchy noise-pop blowout.

Sez Bob: "The
w00t music began as the sound for Special Forces, a live cinematic performance by Living Cinema (Pierre H├ębert and Bob Ostertag), which addressed the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006." Huh?!

Bob Ostertag: w00t

Thanks again to solcofn!


Suzie said...

Sweet. I love stuff like that :D

Josh said...

It is really interesting to hear the way he used rather long samples in the piece, yet it doesn't feel at all derivative.

I like utilizing not just the limited sound chips (like we see the chiptunes guys doing...which don't get me wrong, is also great), but the actual sounds people are familiar with.

Really nice post.