Thursday, August 02, 2007

WE'VE HAD SOME "WORK DONE"... the Beverly Hills housewives say. Do we look as young as Joan Rivers?

This October will be the 3rd birthday of this here web-log, and I was getting a little tired of the old look. The facelift is a little easier on the eyes, no? And then there's the cryptic "24" up on top with pictures of unknown objects (maps? diagrams?) to confound and amaze you as you listen to the music...


Anonymous said...

That's 23 + 1!
Number 23!

Is that the secret location of
the Bavarian Illumanati?

Mr Fab said...

It's a pre-packaged template that I just picked to be different. I take no responsibility for any secret codes from the Illuminoids, the Trilateral Commission, or the reptilians that this site may be transmitting. Proceed at your own risk. And keep watching the skies!

greg said...

Thank you very much that you changed your webdesign

Anonymous said...


And thanks...always entertaining.