Friday, March 16, 2007


One of the great things about mashups is it's ability to make me like a song or artist I normally would think much about. Such as Diana Ross and/or The Supremes. Not that I hate her. I just never found her voice that compelling, and oldies radio has pounded her songs into the ground. But Boston's djBC has done a beautiful job of chopping up Ross' "Aint No Mountain High Enough," mixing it with Led Zeppelin (another band I imagine some of you are sick of), and serving up the sublime

"Aint No Misty Mountain High Enough"

It actually uses "Thank You," not "Misty Mountain Hop." Which reminds me: when Ross' husband Arne Naess Jr. died in a climbing accident, some internet wag wrote ''Guess there was a mountain high enough."

Germany's DJ Earlybird also used Ross, mixing her with yet another unavoidable oldie, John Lennon's "Imagine." And I just think it's gorgeous.

DJ Earlybird: "Baby, Imagine Love"

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