Thursday, May 11, 2006


It's Mother's Day soon here in the US of A, and I can't think of a better salute to our mommies then a tune by Madison, Wisconsin's most famous outsider, Art Paul Schlosser, who we first met here. I don't if Mama Fab would really appreciate it, though - she never seemed too amused when I would play my 12" of Mr. T's rap song "Treat Your Mother Right." But it's the thought that counts!


Art Paul Schlosser - "I Like My Mother"

UPDATE: Big thanks to that legend "anonymous" for this swell video of Art Paul performing "I Like My Mother" live on the street.


Anonymous said...

Hey did you know there is a video with ART PAUL singing I Likwe My Mother from State street ?

Check it out at:

Mr Fab said...

THANK YOU, that's awesome. And my mother thanks you.