Friday, June 24, 2005


"EYEBALL SKELETON is the name of our band. It started when I was in Kindergarten and Charlie was in the 1st grade. We thought of the name cause Charlie thought of the name eyeball & I thought of skeleton."

As regular WFMU listeners know, Eyeball Skeleton, the world's greatest pre-teen punk band, recently released their debut album, #1. Consisting of a seven-year-old boy on guitar, his nine-year-old brother on bass, and their father on drums, these pint-sized Cramps mostly write songs about monsters - exactly what I would have written about when I was their age. And, actually, I still would.

Eyeball Skeleton: "Spooky Mummy Case"

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Anonymous said...

This is good, but not as good as their "hit", the self-titled Eyeball Skeleton. I was going to buy their album, but now I'm not so sure...