Wednesday, January 26, 2005


In December we featured singing doctor Mechelle Seibel's "Health Rock." That was good-natured, educational stuff (if gruesomely explicit), in stark contrast to Adam Kay and Suman Biswas, whose CD "Fitness to Practice" is a savage parody of the British medical establishment and its patients. Not surprisingly, "The Menstrual Rag" is based on "The Vatican Rag" by that original black-humored piano-man Tom Lehrer. It's amazing that these two can keep their medical licenses with profanity-laden tunes like "Careless Surgeon," but they do contribute all CD sales proceeds to cancer research, so that probably helps. However, nothing's as funny as this non-medical themed parody of The Jam's "Going Underground" called "London Underground," a hilarious denouncing of London's subway system. As a long-time public transportation user meself, I feel their pain.

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